President Caroline Speech at Christmas Cracker Show   01/12/2009

Hello everyone and welcome to our Christmas Cracker Show    

Tonight we are going to enjoy ourselves.  That, after all, is what Rotary is about—having fun and helping people along the way.  Rotary helps out all over the world but on this occasion your magnificent support is being  directed towards two very worthy  local causes. By supporting this event you have given  recognition to, firstly - the needs of the Mayo Rape Crisis Centre. You are right to  recognise that this service is there for  women in times of  horrid despair and anguish. It is there that over a thousand Mayo women, who have suffered sexual violence in their  lives, can find refuge and healing.  This is truly a place in our own community where  violence gives way to love and care. I warmly thank you for your generosity in support.   

In coming out tonight and joining in the fun, you have also responded to the call of  providing for the needs of  another  section of our community. St  Gerald’s College , celebrating its centenary this very year is rightly proud of its  many achievements, particularly  in  the field of team sports. I am pleased that, the  provision of a defibrillator,  made possible by your help here this evening, may well have  life saving consequences  on some sporting occasion in the future. It will bring freedom  and security to those at risk. Thank you.     

Now this occasion would not  have been possible without the Trojan help from so many. Of course our own members rowed in and I apologise to them if I did go on a bit at  times. We worked as a team, and there wasn’t a hand ball from beginning to end.  But from outside the club, what can I say about all of the other truly wonderful people- mostly women, I admit,  who turned out in support. How can we ever thank you. --- Oh, the men weren’t bad either. 

Seriously, and in conclusion can I express our gratitude to all our sponsors, shops  retailers and  service providers. They are all worthy of your support in these times. Nobody is overlooked. Every one of you is deserving of our appreciation for   contributing. And finally to you our loyal supporters thank you for coming .  

Now go and have a wonderful  evening.

Caroline Costello - pre-dinner speech