Newsletter Membership - Rotary District 1160   30/11/2009

Hi from your Membership Services Chair and hope you are all well.I am conscious; you get a lot of Rotary emails, so will keep this short and to the point and will leave the Newsletter until the New Year.  The September Newsletter had a few key topics which I need to re-emphasise.

1.      Membership Dividend   As you are all aware, I have been pressing every Rotarian to plan for a membership dividend from every activity. It is crucial that everyone involved in Thanks for Life activities really do take this message on board and do it. This of course applies to Youth, Foundation & International Projects, etc., as well. Please do everything you can with your Clubs to make sure that your project teams really are planning for the membership dividend. Raising the profile is not enough, that on its own will not deliver potential new members. We need to drive the message through at every opportunity. People may need specific advice. It is fairly easy to collect money at supermarkets or events but talking to people about Rotary at the same time needs planning. Someone will need to be there, without a responsibility to collect but, with a clear objective and the ability to talk to people about our great organisation; they will need appropriate displays, "Join Rotary" leaflets and an ability to collect contact details in a professional manner.  Club leaflets are fine but everyone must understand that the individual potential may not be for your own club and we must not miss the opportunity anyway.  

Activity involving children present different challenges. Engaging their parents will need planning. Will they be there? If not will we send leaflets home? Will the school help? - Only if we have a clear plan and ask them. Shop displays must include "Join Rotary" posters etc. and make it clear that we do want people. We must direct them to www.ribi.org  Please use every resource at your disposal to get the help and advice to the front line. If you need help please let me or any of the Membership Services Team know. We must not miss the opportunity.

2.      New Membership Leaflets & PostersThese leaflets and posters have been created for our use and can be easily obtained from RIBI (£7.50 for 100 leaflets & £2.50 for a set of six big A2-size posters featuring six different Rotarians (not including P&P). Please order you quota today.

3.      District WebsiteA membership section has been created, please visit http://www.rotary.ie/membership.php.In closing, I had decided not to run to any Membership Workshops pre Christmas and in trying something new, we have the opportunity at the next District Council meeting to run a Membership Workshop for a couple of hours and we are really pleased to have our colleagues from RIBI join us. 

Please spread the message and put it in your diary Saturday 9 January 2010 @ City North Hotel.Please get in touch with me or any of my Team should you need any assistance and good luck with all your Christmas activities and potential new members.

Best Regards Membership Chair District 1160