Newsletter from President Caroline   19/11/2009



 You are probably surprised to get post from Rotary.  We have a reputation for using every other form of communication to keep in touch so we thought why not try “snail mail” and have it delivered direct to members’ home address.  That way it would be sure to catch your eye like no other and not get mixed up with high pressure stuff that comes in your work mail box. There’s a lot going on and as you and I don’t meet as often as we would wish for the good of the club, this is the new old way of keeping in touch.  I hope this is ok with you and that you find it serves its purpose and doesn’t waste your time, because that is much too precious. 


It is wonderful to have a new member join Rotary.  It is such a cause for celebration that there was a welcome buzz about the place on induction evening.  What made it really special was having so many new members participate. To help introduce them to you I hope to give you a mini profile. That way next time you go to a lunch or evening meeting and are, for instance, in Killian’s company, you will know that you are in the company of a well travelled Kildare man with a passing interest in boats and sailing and that’s not all…..read on.   His London accountancy background lead him to start out on his own business at 21.  This interest continues today, as he participates in the leasing business with his company, Brookwood Leasing Ltd.  He should be too busy for anything else but he manages to combine his job managing Katerbay Ltd, Kiltimagh, with Rotary and still fits in his few runs a week – now there’s something.  Killian has three grown up children too.  The girls, Siobhan and Paula, are graduates and working away, whilst his 27 year old son, Ian, has returned to college to study –in what, you ask- accountancy of course. His partner, Annie, loves Claremorris, where they have settled, and says that it is a much drier place than Castlebar, where they lived for a short while.  Don’t all rush to leave town.  Welcome to our club Killian.  Welcome also to Breda Gilvarry, Roger Jordan, David O’Connor and Paul O’Grady whom I hope to tell you all about in my next letter.   

JoJo wins at the Lotto

Members of Pat Murray’s team were eager to congratulate Jo Jo on his Lotto win.  His location at The Sacred Heart, which is something of a shrine, is better known as Anfield.  His €70,000 win on the lottery goes someway towards cheering him up following the grief he has been getting following Liverpool’s bad run of late.  The conflicting advice given to him from the visiting Rotarians as to what he should do with his winnings may not have helped either – “spend it”, “save it”, “give it away”.  One thing they all agreed on was that it couldn’t have come to a nicer guy.  Whatever about Liverpool, Pat, Kevin, Joe and the two Johns and all the Sacred Heart gang are Jo Jo fans.


The Christmas Cracker Show

  Remember our President’s carnival night.  Well our Christmas show is going to be bigger and better.  And the good people of The Rape Crisis Centre and St. Gerald’s Collage are going to be a little better off because of your push to make it happen.  Plans for this production, built around a fashion show with a difference, are already well under way.  So please put the date in your diary and send out a red alert to all the usual suspects and get ready to stretch a little more for this.  Nobody said it wasn’t value the last time and they wont be disappointed this time either.  They will kick you if you don’t invite them to your table.  So remember the date, November 20th, John McHugh has the tickets at €40 they are a steal –so  get onto him fast – you know his number at home-9022704. Now that’s it from me.  Thank you so much for all your support.  We are going to have a fantastic year and I look forward to sharing it with you.  

Best Regards  Caroline

Written with the assistance of Club PRO John Kilkelly