Regina Mulrooney, Friends of the Sacred Heart speaks at lunch   21/07/2009

The 21st July lunch meeting was busy with Regina Mulrooney of the friends of the Sacred Heart Hospital speaking to members. 

Also new member Paul OGrady was introduced by rotarian Tom Collins.  Paul OGrady also spoke about about his background, connection to rotary and other charity work that he is involved. in. 

Regina Mulrooney made some suggestions as to where the Rotary club could get involved with the friends of the SH club.  She had some excellent ideas and proposed events that would be of benefit to the patients.  Regina also gave rotary members some tips on visiting patients and how to make our visits to the SHH as useful as possible. 

A very enjoyable and fruitful lunch. 

Photo:  Pat Murray (Rotary co-ordinator of the SHH visits), Regina Mulrooney (friends of the Sacred Heart),  Paul OGrady (new rotary member), Caroline Costello (President of Rotary) and Vivienne Kyne (Membership Chairperson).  Photo taken by Jim Finan