Rotary Ground Force Project   21/05/2009

Rotary has agreed to take on Tommy Walsh and Alan Titchmarsh in a Ground Force Project.  Club members are putting on the garden gloves, the painting overalls and dusting off the tool box.  The gang are tackling a project for the Chairde Club in New Line Street in Castlebar.  The patio/backgarden of the Chairde Club is getting a makeover! 

The Chairde Club is a drop-in centre supported by the Mental Health Association for individuals with mental issues living in the Castlebar area.  They provide a small centre in the community for individuals to get out of their own home (or HSE homes) and socialise in the community.  The club members get advice and support from staff and they also enjoy TV, computer, pool and make a cup of tea at the club.  The club has a patio area out the back which members relax in and they run barbecues from time to time.  As you can see from the attached photos their barbecue/patio area is very dismal!!!   

Margaret Kelly (Chairde co-ordinator) showed Pat Gallagher, Dr Sean, Walter, Fred and Vivienne around the club on Saturday last.  

The backgarden has virtually no facilities, there is a corrugated sheet for sheltering under as an outside smoking area, they have no barbecue, no plants, flowers, hanging basket, no vegetable patch - not even a bird table!

Our Rotarians will give this patio area a much needed facelift and also provide the members with a new barbecue, a covered in smoking area, a Wii (for exercising) and a total makeover for the back garden. 

The original date for tackling the project was Saturday 6th June but as the club can have up to 25 of their regulars visit on a Saturday, its been decided that it may be too busy on this day and we are probably looking at Thurs and fri (4th & 5th June) instead. 

The fellowship side of the project has not been forgotten with the Chairde club conveniently located just 8 doors up from Johnnys - so a few 7ups after the job are planned.

The project is being run by Sinead Kelleher and Dolores Burke and a big team of eager volunteers.....(I wont mention names in case I forget anyone).  The club hopes we can brighten up the lives of the members of the chairde club (over 40 members) and we are delighted to offer our services to such a worthwhile project.

More photos of Ground Force project in photogallery (first folder as you open the gallery)

Photos by Dr Sean Gibbons (Club PRO)