Tanzania Donation to Fr John Kilcoyne   19/07/2018

To Each Member of Castlebar Rotary Club.

The e-mail hereunder is from Fr. John Kilcoyne expressing his gratitude to all the members of the Club for the donation of €1,500.€800 of the €1,500 was collected at the dinner at Joe Mulroy's.

Many Thanks to all.  Joe Beirne.

Dear Joe,

Greetings from Ngudu Tanzania. Thank you for you email and attachment. Among other things I'm  Vice-Regional here, but since Janusz Machota (Poland), the Regional, is on vacation I am serving as Acting-Regional until September. I am very interested in this project and working hand in hand with Janusz and other members on it. On all our behalves here in the Region I want to express my deepest gratitude to you and all members of Rotary Castlebar for your generous donation. I will get onto  Malachy and he will forward the money to our Regional Account here. You will receive a report on the way the money was spent.

Greetings to all the members.God 

BlessJohn Kilcoyne